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Closing Dates

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We will be open at Performance Rental until 9-15-12 and Rendezvous Beach Rentals until 9-16-12. We are closed at North Beach Rentals. At Bear Lake Funtime, we are open year-round and you can still rent equipment on trailers by the day anytime.

Boat Ramp Launching Conditions

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As of June 30th, we would not recommend anybody launch boats at the Rendezvous Beach Boat Ramp. The shallow water and drop-off at the end of the ramp are causing the majority of people to get stuck because they can’t get their front tires back up onto the ramp. For now, only small PWC’s you can lift on and off without backing off the end of the ramp should be attempted. The other boat ramps at First Point, State Marina, and North Beach will be good to go all summer long.

For a map of current locations to launch, click here.

A Change in the Weather

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With a change in the weather comes a change in Bear Lake and we are pleased.  With a forecast like this, what is there not to be excited about?  We have already starting getting boats ready for the summer, so start finding your swimming suit and tanning lotion and get excited.

We have been working hard to bring you online reservations.  A big thanks to the guys at Ski Rental System.  These guys started out helping ski shops take online reservations and now are becoming THE system to use for all kinds of hourly and daily rentals.  All the best boat rental places on Lake Tahoe use this system.  Their passion for ease-of-use has driven them to create a user-friendly checkout system that we are confident will help you make planning your day in Bear Lake a lot easier.  As we launch this new system we look forward to making sure it is serving your needs the best way that it can.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Who is excited for summer?!

Snowmobiling Discount – BONUS 20% off

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It’s March and we still have a lot of snow in Logan Canyon!  Just see our recent Snowmobiling photo shoot below.

Do you want to get in on this snow before it becomes water that you’ll be waterskiing on this summer?  Well then jump onto our facebook page by clicking here and “like us” then call and mention the facebook promotion when making reservation and we’ll give you 20% off.  This promotion is good for any snowmobile, any day of the week and this facebook special applies to the rest of the season!