Bear Lake Water Level and Lake Access

Beach Access for 2014: The lake level will come up during the first part of the summer due to the spring runoff. Most likely the only place you will be able to drive and park on the beach at the beginning of the summer is at our North Beach Rentals location at the Bear Lake Hot Springs (next to the State Park). The North Beach State Park probably won’t be able to allow parking on the beach until the middle of the summer when the water drops enough to be able to drive down the jetty ramp onto the beach. Before that time, you will need to park in the upper parking area along North Beach Road that runs along the beach. At our Rendezvous Beach State Park location at the South end of the lake, driving and parking on the beach will be allowed when there is enough beach area do cordon off a safe parking area. This most likely will happen towards the beginning/middle of the summer. The Garden City Beach may, or may not be usable during summer 2014. The water has to recede at this location quite a bit in order to get to the sandy beach.

There are many boat launching facilities available around the lake. For 2014, the locations to launch watercraft at Bear Lake that have concrete ramps are at the Utah State Marina in Garden City, First Point & Rainbow Cove Ramps on the East side, and at the North Beach State Park in Idaho. See (2014 Boat Launching Map)

If you would like to enjoy watercraft at Bear Lake but don’t want to deal with launching, we offer four on-site rental locations where we have boats and Seadoos in the water ready to go for your convenience. No launching required.

To stay informed of the current conditions around the lake throughout the summer, click and “Like” our Facebook Page which is constantly updated with pictures and conditions of the beaches and boat ramps.