Laketown Drive-in

Located at Rendezvous Beach State Park on the beach next to our boat rental building. This is the only place at Bear Lake you can get fast ­food and shakes right on the beach. No need to lug a heavy cooler down the beach when we have a full menu of food, soft drinks, and shakes available on-­site right at the beach.

If you want fast-food and you’re not staying at the State Park, you can still drive your vehicle into the park for free to get your food. The gatehouse will give you a special pass allowing you to come inside for 1-hour if you’re coming in just for the fast-food. And if you’re out on your boat enjoying the lake, you’re more than welcome to pull up at the beach to get your food instead of driving into town. Either way, you’ve got to come and try our scrumptiously delicious food and shakes.

The Laketown Drive-­In food trailer is the same food operation that’s been located in Laketown for many years, but has now been moved on­-site to Rendezvous Beach one mile northwest of Laketown. We have the same menu and same great tasting food that the locals have come to enjoy.