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Bear Lake Fun

Summer Activities

White boat leaving the marina docks sailing on the water

Winter Activity

In the winter, experience the rush of Snowmobiling in Utah’s famous powder just minutes away from our Bear Lake Funtime Location.


Summer Activities

During the summer, you’ll want to enjoy some quality time on the lake with your friends and family. Our large fleet of watercraft rentals can help you accomplish this.

Watersport activities on the lake (boating, personal watercraft, wakeboarding, waterskiing)

Non-motorized lake activities (canoes, paddleboats, swimming, relax on beach)

Ride ATV’s in the mountains or on the beach

Jogging, hiking, and biking on the bike path or in the mountains

Two golf courses within 5 miles

Raspberry Days Festival first week in August

Western rodeos

Pickleville playhouse and chuckwagon dinner

Horseback riding

Visiting the nearby mountain lakes (Tony Grove, White Pine, Bloomington)

Camping and Hiking

Excellent hunting and fishing in the area

Eat famous raspberry shakes in the summer

Visit the Oregon Trail Center in Montpelier, ID

Historic sites throughout the valley

Minnetonka cave tours in St Charles Canyon