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Bear Lake Water Level and Lake Access

Bear Lake Water Level and Lake Access

Depending on how much spring runoff there is each year is what determines how much beach there will be exposed at Bear Lake. If there isn’t much spring runoff which fills the lake with water each year, then there will be more beaches exposed during the summer. If there’s been drought conditions for the previous several years, then it means the water level will be even lower than normal. If the lake reaches a certain low level, then there are beaches at Bear Lake where driving your car and parking on the beach is allowed such as at our Rendezvous Beach and North Beach Rental locations. Regardless of the lake level each year, Bear Lake has become very popular and you should arrive early in the morning to get a parking spot.

Boat Launching Map

There are several boat launching facilities available around the lake. Here’s a map you can view or print (Boat Launching Map)

4 On-Site Rental Locations

If you would like to enjoy watercraft at Bear Lake but don’t want to deal with launching, we offer 4 on-site rental locations where we have boats and Sea-Doo’s in the water ready to go for your convenience. No launching is required.

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