Economy: Why Bear Lake and Why Rent?

In today’s economy we are all looking to make the value of our dollar stretch further. We are now more conservative than ever, but does that mean we have to cut out our vacations and recreation? The answer is a resounding “no”. We still need to recreate and have fun. We can’t be “all work and no play”. A simple vacation and recreation is very important for our families and our individual psyche. It will actually help us to work more and be more efficient in the long run. Why do you think we don’t have a national 7-day work week? We shouldn’t have a 52-week work year either!

Bear Lake has always been a value-oriented vacation spot for Northern Utahan’s and others alike. Whether it’s a group of friends, a family vacation, or a family reunion, Bear Lake has it all. Most people that visit Bear Lake can arrive on a tank of gas or less which makes it a very attractive location. With its gorgeous turquoise water and beautiful sandy beaches, Bear Lake should be at the top of your list to visit. We are a four-seasons destination offering recreation all year-round.

Our company offers affordable camping cabins inside the Rendezvous Beach State Park. With the economy making housing prices go up and down, it makes sense to rent instead of buying. vacation

Our company also offers affordable recreational equipment rentals.  When you add up the actual cost of owning this type of equipment with depreciation, maintenance, repairs, insurance, registration, storage, etc it adds up to many thousands of dollars per year. When you look at the option of renting and realize you can get out on the water in the range of hundreds of dollars and not the thousands of dollars it costs to own, renting makes sense and is the more economical way to go. The key is to be able to find quality rental equipment, which is what our company specializes in.

We are confident that our company will be able to fulfill your vacation and recreational needs with our reasonable prices. Why go to Mexico or Hawaii when you have the gem of beautiful Bear Lake so close with its plentiful value-based services? When times are tough we tend to find happiness in our close relationships. Friends and family assume a larger role in our lives. What we are offering here at Bear Lake is wholesome family fun and the chance to create those lifetime memories for you and your family.