Frequently Asked Questions – Summer

What do we need to bring when we rent?

Bring a driver’s license and a credit card with an available credit limit of at least the rental amount plus $200 for the security deposit. If you are renting two or more machines, the security deposit will be $200 each machine.  If a previous reservation was made for the rental by somebody else in your group, the person who is actually signing the lease agreement will need to bring his/her own credit card and driver’s license. All members of the party must sign our rental agreement.

Is gas and tax extra?

Yes, gas and tax is extra. The equipment is always full of gas at the beginning of the rental, and needs to be filled at the end of the rental. At our on-site beachfront locations, we fill and calculate the gas from our lakeside fuel tanks at the end of your rental time (and during your rental time if you run low). At the Bear Lake Funtime off-site location, the equipment needs to be brought back full of gas by stopping at a gas station. Tax rates for the rentals are between 6% to 8% depending on the location.

Is damage insurance available?

Yes, a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance is available for the rental machines which covers physical damage to the unit (except for UTV rentals where no CDW insurance is available). The insurance cost for on-site hourly rentals is 10% of the rental cost. The insurance cost for rentals by the day at Bear Lake Funtime is $25/machine/day. Both insurances have a $900 deductible with a maximum coverage of $5,000. The means you would be responsible for damage amounts less than $900 and over $5,000. CDW insurance is not required, but is recommended.

How old do you have to be to rent?

To sign our rental agreement and drive the equipment, you must be 18 or older. Passengers on the equipment can be younger than 18.

How much gas do the machines use?

The machines use the following approximate amount of gallons per hour depending on how the machine is used or ridden: Sea-Doo 2 to 4 gallons per hour. Boat 3 to 6 gallons per hour. UTV 1 to 2 gallons per hour.

Do you offer any discounts?

Discounts and other promotions are offered through email to previous customers. If you rent from us, you should receive a discount code through your email for your future rentals. You can also checkout our facebook page where we post exclusive discounts from time to time at The Bear Lake Funtime off-site location offers economical prices on longer-term daily rentals.

Are there boundaries for the on-site watercraft equipment rentals?

Yes. Generally the boundaries for Boat and Sea-doo rentals are 3-4 miles from the on-site rental location. Check this map for a visual.

What if the weather is bad, can I cancel?

Re-scheduling or canceling is allowed due to severe or dangerous weather conditions, but not for minor conditions such as overcast sky, light precipitation, etc.

What if we are late for our reservation?

You should show up at least 30 minutes early for your reservation to allow plenty of time for the paperwork and checkout. If you show up late, your time still starts at the time you reserved, and you still must bring the equipment back at the end of your scheduled time. There are no extensions on your reserved rental time because normally somebody else has reserved the time after your rental.

What if we want to keep the rental equipment longer than our scheduled time?

You must check with us first by calling or stopping by the office. If the time is still available, you can arrange to keep the equipment longer, but you absolutely must check with us first. If you don’t check with us and you’re not back at the scheduled time, we will assume you’re lost or something is wrong. We will conduct a search and rescue operation for which you will be charged a fee in addition to the equipment late fee, which is double the hourly rental rate.

What's involved with the equipment checkout?

We go over the rules with everybody in the group and show you the equipment controls while explaining what to do, and what not to do. It’s required that everybody who will be operating the rental equipment to be present at the time of the equipment check-out.

Where are the public beaches?

The two main public beaches are at the North and South ends of the lake. The North Beach State Park is on the Idaho side of the lake, and the Rendezvous Beach State Park is on the Utah side at the south end of the lake. There’s a small sandy beach at the North-West outside corner of the Utah State Marina in Garden City, and there’s some smaller beaches scattered along the east side of the lake.

Can I tow a wakeboarder, tube, or other equipment behind a Seadoo?

No, we don’t allow any towing behind our Sea-Doos. Towing is only allowed behind our ski boats and wakeboard boats. Our pontoon boats can tow tubes, but aren’t powerful enough to pull skiers or wake boarders.

I want to wakeboard/waterski, what times offer the best water?

We recommend going early in the morning between 9-11am or later in the evening after 3pm for the smoothest water.

Which are the best days to rent?

If you want to avoid the crowds, we recommend coming Monday through Thursday. Saturdays and holidays are by far the busiest days. Fridays and Sundays are the next two busiest days, with Monday through Thursday being the lesser busy days.

Can the UTV’s be ridden from your locations?

Yes, we have recently registered our UTV’s to be street legal. They can be driven on the roads to access the nearby mountain trails. The two locations that we have UTV’s available to rent are Bear Lake Funtime and Rendezvous Beach Rentals. You can still take them on a trailer if you wish. There is no charge for trailers.

Are pets allowed in the equipment rentals or in the camping cabins?

No pets are not allowed in the rental equipment or in the camping cabins at any time, which includes comfort animals, therapy pets, or emotional support animals. If you have an ADA certified service dog because of a disability, we may ask you 1) if the animal is required because of a disability, and 2) what specific work or task the dog has been trained to perform directly related to the handler’s disability. Only ADA animals certified as a “service animal” will be accommodated.

What do the camping cabins at the Rendezvous campground have inside?

Each camping cabin is 14′ X 22′ and has two rooms. The front room has (1) double bed, one table, and four chairs. The back room has (2) bunk-beds featuring a total of four twin beds. The cabin sleeps (6) people with a maximum occupancy of (8). The cabins have electricity and lights, but no appliances. Each cabin has a picnic table, BBQ grill (wood or charcoal), and a fire pit. Campground bathrooms with showers are located right next door to the cabins.

How far is the beach from the camping cabins?

Depending on the water level of the lake, there may be a small beach about 100 yards below the camping cabins next to some of the waterfront campsites. We cannot guarantee the condition of this beach because of the varying levels of the lake, and vegetation that may be present on the beach area. The nicest beach is the main day-use beach located near the entrance to the state park about 1/3 of a mile away. This beach is separate from the camping areas, and is generally a better maintained beach.

Frequently Asked Questions – Winter

Can I ride the snowmobiles from the Bear Lake Funtime location

Yes, under normal snow conditions you can drive the snowmobiles from the Bear Lake Funtime location to access the trails above Garden City. If there’s not enough snow down by our store, we have trailers available to use free of charge. We also may be able to assist you with delivery to a trailhead.

How far is it to ride or to trailer the snowmobiles from Bear Lake Funtime to the summit-sinks area?

It’s about 10 miles from our shop in Garden City to the summit-sinks area in Logan Canyon. It takes about 20 minutes to trailer the snowmobiles, and approximately 45-60 minutes to drive snowmobiles on the trail. If you want more of a chance to see wildlife, we recommend to drive the snowmobiles from our store on the trail.

Is gas, oil, and tax extra?

Yes, gas, oil, and tax are extra. The snowmobiles leave our shop full of gas, and must be brought back full of gas by stopping at a gas station (preferred). We also have gasoline available at our shop for sale at comparable market rates. The 2-stroke oil cost is $8.50/machine/day, and our specific oil must be used. The initial oil in the snowmobile will last at least one day, and we’ll send you with extra oil for multiple day rentals. The tax rate for sales tax is 7.95%.

Is insurance available?

Yes, a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance is available for the rental machines which covers physical damage to the unit. The insurance cost for snowmobile rentals is $25/machine/day with a $900 deductible and a maximum coverage of $5,000. The means you would be responsible for damage amounts less than $900 and over $5,000. CDW insurance is not required, but is recommended.

How much gas do the snowmobiles use?

A snowmobile will usually go all day on a tank of gas (11 gallon capacity). We can lend you 5 gallon gas cans to take with you if you’d like.

Do you do half-day snowmobile rentals?

We don’t take reservations for half-day rentals. The only time we allow a half-day rental is the day of, and starting at 11 am if all the snowmobiles haven’t already been rented out for the full-day. The half-day price is only slightly less than the full-day price.

How old do you have to be to drive the rental snowmobile?

To sign our rental agreement and drive our rental snowmobiles you must be 18 or older. Passengers on the equipment can be younger than 18,