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February 2013

House Bill Will Effect Bear Lake

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A new house bill in Utah will change things at Bear Lake, such as possibly not allowing vehicles or public boat launching on certain beaches. It will be at the discrecion of the Utah State Lands whether to allow or not allow these thngs and to post signs at certain areas . This may be good to help prevent the contamination of Bear Lake with invassive mussells, but hopefully there will be a public process with public input when making these important desicions.

Read Salt Lake Tribune Article Here

Bear Lake Water Level Outlook for 2013: More Beaches

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Looks like Bear Lake will have more exposed beaches from a lower water level this upcoming summer because of low spring runoff. Maybe the Garden City beach will be usable again. There will still always be plenty of water in Bear Lake for recreation because we’re only talking water levels down 5′-10′ out of over 200′.
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